Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Why McCain's Tax message doesn't work

McCain is running a new ad via Palin. Here it is from YouTube:

The problem with this ad is that it won't stick with the American people. It also opens McCain up to alignment with Bush II. When Barack says he's going to give 95% of American's a tax cut, that believe what they want to hear, and it stick with them. Forget logic for a moment. Most of those people believe that Rich People pay to little tax now, that they can afford more taxes. So when McCain says raising taxes is bad, its sounds like he's defending higher taxes for the Rich and therefore not defending the 95% of American's that Barack is 'helping'.
Is this making sense? Its not about any of the facts of economics, who really pays the most taxes, who pays no taxes at all but gets money back!
These messages come down to Barack supports the common people and McCain support the Rich White Guy. This ad does nothing to change that opinion accept its delivered by a woman. The ad does nothing to attach those tax increases to the middle class.

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