Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Why McCain lost

Post debate I believe McCain came out the looser of the debate. One he just couldn't speak clearly, some mistakes were funny but they won't help. I did enjoy "senator government". When McCain did get his words out he had to many details without a memorable point. Obama talked about high level simple points that were right out of the Bush playbook ironically. I guess McCain really is different than Bush. Obama only needed a tie to win and I think he did that. He refuted all of McCain's attacks very well. On the whole I believe Obama talked about big government all the time which on the whole will be bad for America. Obama will raise all our taxes, no question, what ever he says now. McCain missed the point that Obama ran on tax cuts before and voted for an increase. On Palin for President, I think McCain should have said she has more experience than Obama. McCain left out issues on abortion and Obama's views.

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