Friday, October 17, 2008

The purpose of government

Talked slot about what the federal government isn't and what it shouldn't do but what should it do?
The purpose of the government should be to protect it's people, to ensure and defend their safety. Said again, the primary function of the federal government should be to provide for the safety of ALL it's people. That doesn't happen in America and that's a shame. The American government still wants to control who it's ok to save and who is not worth saving.
Infants are worth saving and we need to do that better. We need to agree that in third trimester a fetus is viable and must be protected.
A criminal, convicted of horrible crimes should be protected. These are the outside cases bit if we believe we protect life when it begins and near it's end we can agree to protect it everywhere in between.
When safety exists people can have hope for the future. Then they can work hard and take the risks to do great things with their lives. That is what government is for.

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