Thursday, October 2, 2008

Boycott the debate

The news is just so difficult to watch these days. It will be a slow posting day for me, because not enough important things have changed. So here's the thoughts of the day.

First the Senate passed the bailout. The key is that they left and went on vacation, so the house will have to pass it, or its dead for a while. Now the House lead by Pelosi killed the last bill. Pelosi's handling of this was horrible. Said it before that she needs to go. She only needed to swing 12 votes in her party to get the bill to pass of the 94 that voted no. Instead she asked them to vote no so she could put blame on Republicans before the vote and after the vote. Why, because Democrats are too blame for the problem and they are doing everything they can to misinform the public about their role in blocking the legislation that would have avoided this issue. She did this the same way she killed the drilling bill. More interesting is the concept that she is so brilliant that she thought up this grand scheme of a bailout, to distract people from the drilling which was killing them in the polls and push the discussion to something else. Push it back to the economy and quickly attack the Republicans for the problem and put them on the defensive for this issue, instead of the offensive on the Oil issue. Clearly, that is the result.
At the same time Democrats are responsible for the high price of oil and current crisis. She really is brilliant.

Next is the clear bias that has been created in the debates. McCain said Ifill would be professional. This is what I've never liked about McCain and you can see that in past posts. He takes the high road and gives the Democrats the benefit of the doubt and comes out looking like a patsy all the time. He's doing it again. The first debate was a foreign policy debate where he should have crushed Barack. That didn't happen because for the beginning of the debate the moderate changed the topic to the economy to make Barack look better. Clearly this was done intentionally and clearly McCain was not prepared. Now for the second debate the moderate is Ifill, who clearly has a conflict of interest at best and at worst is in the tank for Barack. Either way I think Palin should refuse to go unless the moderator is changed.

Last, The President, said people are worried about their homes, etc and this bailout needs to be passed in order to help with that. Really?? Was anyone you know worried about that? Ok, if they were, do they now think that the Government is actually going to help them out? As if Bush didn't spend the last 7 years killing the Republican party he has to add insult to injury. This man is not a conservative, he's a socialist. What would really help is if just quit and went back to Texas early and live the next to border he couldn't secure. Maybe he can pick up Spanish in his free time. But please stop trying to kill Conservatives in this country in your last days.

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