Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Letter to Sean Hannity - Have a point!

I'm not sure Sean Hannity is doing conservative any favors any more. He spends most of his day complaining about the media. He is also the media and we don't care about your media wars and your ratings. The next thing to whine about is Aires and Wright. Oh please, stop saying this stuff. No voting cares. McCain is loosing. Stop saying that Obama is plunging. No one buys this either. Its like a broken record. Then its the attacks on Hannity and how he was vilified. Its your job. And when you say you have been 'harping' on things... no kidding. We complain your repetitious, because its a sound bite with no meat, nothing new, just repetitious. In other words boring.

I'm just saying having a point, please.

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