Thursday, November 6, 2008

What will everyone do when the Bush execuse is gone?

As you might have guessed, I talk to people about politics. I try to find Democrats who will actually talk to you, but its hard. They don't like to actually talk issues and have little tolerance for those with different views. That said, I do have some relief that McCain didn't win. I have said it before, that McCain is a liberal, and if a liberal is going to be President, it might as well be a Democrat.
What I do wonder is what will the Liberals do now that they can't blame Bush for all of their life's problems? The answer to any question, any problem about any topic was its Bush's fault. I'm fairly confident that will be the mantra for the first 100 days as well. What will they do when they figure out it wasn't actually Bush's fault.
I'm the first to blame Bush for killing the GOP and not using a veto on a single budget that wasn't balanced. But there comes a time when you realize that people around the world don't like us no matter who is President. They didn't like us when Clinton President either - another Liberal myth. If the terrorist liked us so much during the Clinton years, why did the spend all 8 of those years attacking us and planning 9/11? No really answer for that except they didn't like us then either.
That's not going to change soon, even if Obama gives in to all their requests, they said they won't be happy until they kill us all.
The last excuse will be the filibuster. Republicans will have to use it. Democrats will have to blame it. But that can't cover everything.
Let me know what you think they are going to do? Who is the next Liberal deamon? My pick is Fox News and Radio.

Dow didn't like the election news I guess

Two straight days of the DOW being down after the election has been closed. I guess the DOW didn't like the news. Of course the Obama camp will blame Bush for it after all he is President. The keen observer will not that that the value of the DOW is not based on today, but its based on the expectations of the future. The better Obama did in the polls the worse the DOW got and when the race got closer the DOW started to bounce back. Now that its over, we are seeing more pessimism.
A couple of things to note. Companies need to lay off people quickly before the end of the year and the congress changes the rules. We should see the big companies do that. Small business are already running tight, expect them to hold off hiring until closer to mid 2009 when they understand the rules. Plus big companies aren't buying as much of their stuff, so not many will have need to hire.
That should lead to at least another point rise in unemployment. Could be 7% before the end of the year or Q1, 2009. That's aggressive, but possible depending on the statements that come over the next few weeks.
Last for all youth and college kids that voted for Obama. You should reduced your chances of actually getting a job. If you don't graduate until May 2009. Maybe some companies will be hiring again, but its going to be harder than ever to justify hiring someone with no experience when so many people will be available that have it.

Palin's political outlook worse than Quayle

People keep talking about her as the future, but maybe not. My opinion, is that she goes back to Alaska, as business as usual and we don't hear from her again. She will have great odds to overcome to get back on the national scene. Greater that Quayle had after the Bush I re-election bid failed. If anyone posts a comment of interest on this subject I'll explain why but for now, its enough to predict she'd done.

The press vetting Obama after the election on if he will move to the center

Its a like press just woke up the morning after and is wondering, what did we just do? On CNN they were debating if Obama would rule from the Middle or the Left. But the didn't know!!! A little late to have that discussion. You followed him around for 2 years and you don't know!
Tom Brokaw said: "There's a lot about him (Obama) we don't know." Chris Matthews finally came clean and said Obama's tax plan was welfare. No really Chris. I bet nobody said that before you moron.
These people couldn't figure out who this guy was in the last 2 years, because they were to busy campaigning for change. Now they want to find out and start acting like a news organization. Its a little late for that.
The old Chuclkebee, my nickname for the happy go lucky Huckabee, said he learned from Clinton and he's going to go Center. Idiots!
There's no one even reading this blog, same idiots. I'm handing out the truth to you, telling you in advance and you don't pay attention and then you acted surprised. "Oh my, how could we have known that?"
Look Huckabee is wrong, for several reasons. He's using normal main stream logic. That's not at play here. First Obama is arrogant. He would have to be, to have no relevant experience and run for President. He doesn't like Clinton, and I don't think he's taking from their playbook. He ran on the some of the same issues that did in Clinton, free healthcare for everyone. People don't want socialized medicine in America. Clinton tried it and failed and Obama ran on it again. He's not going to not try it and people won't like again. In also won in his mind by a landslide. I call 5 points marginal, 10 points would be different. He considers it validation of his vision that got him elected, the greatness of his ideas. He doesn't realized that he won because people hate Bush. They would have voted for Lenin, maybe even Hitler in this election season. They don't even know is vision. As we just discussed, the reporters following him for 2 years just figured out they don't know him. Then like Bush, he will move forward with his leftist agenda, much like Bush pushed is Right agenda. Which is not what people want. They want moderation. They were happiest with Clinton in the middle. The analogy and lessons learned for Obama are better to be watched by Bush's mistakes. Stay in the center and don't over spend, maybe veto a budget or two. He's not going to do that. I'm sorry Huckabee, but your analysis is wishful thinking and wrong.
Obama is going to govern from the Left. He has the congress behind and the "will of the American people". He just picked Rahm Emanuel of Illinois, to be his own chief of staff. There is nothing middle of the road about this guy. That's first and biggest indicator of how left they are going. Yes, I know he was an adviser to Clinton, but that's different than being the chief of staff.
Based on his voting record, we know is the most liberal senator. He would have to change his entire world view, just to get to the middle. You can't see the middle from where he standing. That includes votes to restrict medical care to surviving aborted fetuses, higher taxes for those making as little as 42K/year, and calling hunting a rifle an assault weapon.
We know what he said. Socialize health care, Socialize wages and "spread the wealth", diminish the military and our role as a world leader, nationalize banks and other industries, and drive up the price of energy to promote going green.
How do we get to the middle from there? And why are reporters in the main stream media just waking up to ask these questions now. Go back to sleep, if we wanted news we already be watching a different station.

Looks like Rush agrees with me today that Obama will work from the far left before he starts to do anything from a moderate point of view.
Rush also started to talk about how reporters covered the election and started just asking questions now about what he will do.
Maybe Rush is a reader.

Indiana wasn't won it was stolen

I expect a full investigation of Indiana voter fraud. I want to get this out quickly, so its there. The state turned on 20K votes. That's a number of people that were over registered in certain counties and the absentee ballots that went 10 to 1 democratic. Its a sad state for the country when fraud can exist at these levels. A 100K voters were found to have voted in GA and FL. My suspicion is that a similar level of people did the same in IL and IN. More to come.

Making the case:
My personal experience was my wife and my registration as Republican's was 'lost'. Since we had moved in the state, we could still go to our old polling location, but clearly even that was confusing, since the polling locations were changed.

105% of the eligible voters were registered in Marion county.

The absentee ballots put them over the top in record numbers going for Obama 10 to 1 is what I am hearing.

Provisional ballots are still be investigated.

Lake county if finally under investigation, where thousands of IL voters voted in IN.

Felons were registered and voted Absentee ballot.

At least one dead person voted, but more are suspected.

All in state that elected a Republican Governor and hasn't gone for a Democrat since the 60's. It was 20,000 votes where 30,000 false registration alone were documented in one county.

This story has been completely ignored this year by the media. We know have our past three elections in question by I would be almost all of the American population. If you want unity, lets unify around revisions to the voter laws, so living people get one vote only.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama to lower expectations very soon!

You can see in our historical posts how I have helped you see what will happen in the future. Instead of posting again about an Obama win, I thought I would point you to the older post. Its want things say something, its another thing to write it down. Read it and leave a comment.

Now for something new. The racism debate was thought to be ended once Obama got elected, its already becoming the opposite as people begin to make their comments. Already on the news they are saying electing one black man to President doesn't erase racism. So much for the people who hoped that would change.

The predictions:
You are going to see Obama back peddle on his promises very soon. It shouldn't take long for him to start the process of lowering expectations. After all people are posting today about the 'new America'. What if the totally inexperienced person can't deliver. He will also get his first briefings from the CIA. Talk about a wake up call. Put some Russian missle crisis in there and the back peddling will be out of control. Not to mention their policies are not actually viable to produce the results they wanted. He must know this.
So the question is how will the dissappointed react to his failure? Will they defend him anyway and continue to blame Bush even after he's gone? I expect this will take place for at least the first 6 months. But then what.
Defecits will certainly get bigger, unemployement will be higher and small business won't be creating new jobs. They are too scared to take any risks for at least 6 months into 2009. So big business will need to carry the load.
What are they going to do when he fails to deliver?

People have raising expectation for Obama in the news lately! Wow its getting deep. The have been comparing him to Kennedy again. He's nothing like Kennedy, who had a resume before he got the job, but who cares, no one can remember that. Obama has been quite so far, but after that first briefing we should start seeing some news.

Democrats the new Bolsheviks

In 1917 in Russia there was an election that took place in November not that much different than ours in 2008. Unhappy people feeling hardship voted for change. By July 1918 they published their revised constitution. You can read it here.

These new Bolsheviks with their power took the land from the land owners and gave it to the people. This was to restore equity to the people who did the work. But as time went on, times got harder the Bolsheviks took the food, from workers who just received the land they thought was theirs!!!
So while they did get the land and could work it on their own for a little while, the government just took the output, which made owning the land worthless. We have just elected the Bolsheviks, but now the go by the term Democrats.
Take a look at what they are doing, as we have links below to show it. They believe it is arrogant for the wealth builders to actually think they would keep their wealth! America is taking some people's land already for commercial uses for the "greater good". With the current bail-out they are prepared to take ownership of all the mortgages in the country. Sound familiar. The government taking steps to own your property.
This did result in civil war as you may recall. One the people couldn't win against superior organized forces. Output dropped for the entire country, the people who just redistributed the wealth didn't actually know how to create wealth or manage it. When that happens, the wealth goes away. And after more hardship and the cold war, that government system finally failed.

Why are trying so hard to follow that path in America.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Coal bankruptcy, means living in the dark ages

Looks like part of Obama's plan to make people equal is to make us all freeze in winter in the dark. I guess if you kill enough old people in a cold winter with no power that's less Republicans to vote.

Why do I work?

The better question, is why should I work? Why should I pay my mortgage?
I started a small business. I took great risks. I made no money for a while. No one wanted to help me out. Banks wouldn't give me a loan. Bill collectors wouldn't give me good terms. I worked 12 hour days and weekends without pay.
I deserve to recoup my investment in time, money and risk. My reward for just getting in to the black, the government is now going to confiscate my property, take what little wealth I worked so hard to accumulate and give it to someone who didn't do anything for it.
We are teaching an entire generation that its easier to vote to have the government take people's property than it is to work for it.
Now we see people stealing the election. Stealing the election so they steal hard working people's wealth. Its all over the news what they are doing in the Philly to take PA. All this in the name of killing America. People are doing all this, so their kids don't have to finish school and they can live as good as the middle class.
What's being lost is that no matter of the middle class will be able to improve their style of living, no matter how hard they work.
Now, November 4th, 2008 could be remembered as the day America capitalism died and socialism became the law of the land. The success of individuals was crushed and left only to those born of wealth. The reasons to work hard and study in school were erased. Hope for entire generation to achieve new success was eradicated from possibility. Enter the new era of government dependency.
I always thought it was odd that so many rich people would align themselves with so many poor people. If they wanted they could always start an out reach organization to help those people, but they don't. They could pay more in taxes any year they wanted, but they don't. The could donate more to churches, but they don't. Instead what they do, is mislead the poor in dependency, so they can ensure new wealth can not enter their class. This is not about 250K/year. That is not wealth, its income. They are protecting their wealth and from anyone to achieving it, and the price was about the cost of flat screen television. That is what it cost to kill the American dream.