Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama to lower expectations very soon!

You can see in our historical posts how I have helped you see what will happen in the future. Instead of posting again about an Obama win, I thought I would point you to the older post. Its want things say something, its another thing to write it down. Read it and leave a comment.

Now for something new. The racism debate was thought to be ended once Obama got elected, its already becoming the opposite as people begin to make their comments. Already on the news they are saying electing one black man to President doesn't erase racism. So much for the people who hoped that would change.

The predictions:
You are going to see Obama back peddle on his promises very soon. It shouldn't take long for him to start the process of lowering expectations. After all people are posting today about the 'new America'. What if the totally inexperienced person can't deliver. He will also get his first briefings from the CIA. Talk about a wake up call. Put some Russian missle crisis in there and the back peddling will be out of control. Not to mention their policies are not actually viable to produce the results they wanted. He must know this.
So the question is how will the dissappointed react to his failure? Will they defend him anyway and continue to blame Bush even after he's gone? I expect this will take place for at least the first 6 months. But then what.
Defecits will certainly get bigger, unemployement will be higher and small business won't be creating new jobs. They are too scared to take any risks for at least 6 months into 2009. So big business will need to carry the load.
What are they going to do when he fails to deliver?

People have raising expectation for Obama in the news lately! Wow its getting deep. The have been comparing him to Kennedy again. He's nothing like Kennedy, who had a resume before he got the job, but who cares, no one can remember that. Obama has been quite so far, but after that first briefing we should start seeing some news.

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