Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Democrats the new Bolsheviks

In 1917 in Russia there was an election that took place in November not that much different than ours in 2008. Unhappy people feeling hardship voted for change. By July 1918 they published their revised constitution. You can read it here.

These new Bolsheviks with their power took the land from the land owners and gave it to the people. This was to restore equity to the people who did the work. But as time went on, times got harder the Bolsheviks took the food, from workers who just received the land they thought was theirs!!!
So while they did get the land and could work it on their own for a little while, the government just took the output, which made owning the land worthless. We have just elected the Bolsheviks, but now the go by the term Democrats.
Take a look at what they are doing, as we have links below to show it. They believe it is arrogant for the wealth builders to actually think they would keep their wealth! America is taking some people's land already for commercial uses for the "greater good". With the current bail-out they are prepared to take ownership of all the mortgages in the country. Sound familiar. The government taking steps to own your property.
This did result in civil war as you may recall. One the people couldn't win against superior organized forces. Output dropped for the entire country, the people who just redistributed the wealth didn't actually know how to create wealth or manage it. When that happens, the wealth goes away. And after more hardship and the cold war, that government system finally failed.

Why are trying so hard to follow that path in America.

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