Thursday, November 6, 2008

What will everyone do when the Bush execuse is gone?

As you might have guessed, I talk to people about politics. I try to find Democrats who will actually talk to you, but its hard. They don't like to actually talk issues and have little tolerance for those with different views. That said, I do have some relief that McCain didn't win. I have said it before, that McCain is a liberal, and if a liberal is going to be President, it might as well be a Democrat.
What I do wonder is what will the Liberals do now that they can't blame Bush for all of their life's problems? The answer to any question, any problem about any topic was its Bush's fault. I'm fairly confident that will be the mantra for the first 100 days as well. What will they do when they figure out it wasn't actually Bush's fault.
I'm the first to blame Bush for killing the GOP and not using a veto on a single budget that wasn't balanced. But there comes a time when you realize that people around the world don't like us no matter who is President. They didn't like us when Clinton President either - another Liberal myth. If the terrorist liked us so much during the Clinton years, why did the spend all 8 of those years attacking us and planning 9/11? No really answer for that except they didn't like us then either.
That's not going to change soon, even if Obama gives in to all their requests, they said they won't be happy until they kill us all.
The last excuse will be the filibuster. Republicans will have to use it. Democrats will have to blame it. But that can't cover everything.
Let me know what you think they are going to do? Who is the next Liberal deamon? My pick is Fox News and Radio.

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