Thursday, June 16, 2011

8% of Adults paying 80% of US tax burden

Lately we keep hearing people say tax the rich to pay for our debts. Then the news likes to talk about how tax cuts benefited the rich the most and how unfair it is to poor people. So I did some research on who really pays taxes. The IRS has a lot of info if you look at it.
The most complete data sets I could find were for 2008. We know based weekly reports that 2010 information will make these numbers conservative.

The adult population (18 and over) was 230,000,000 in the US. 142,500,000 filed income tax or about 62%. 52,000,000 of these filers paid NO federal income tax, even worse, some of these people actually received money back, or a return larger than what they paid in. That leave ~39.4% of adult actually paying something towards the tax burden.
If that isn't unbalanced enough, that 39.4% of adults support the entire population, or about 30% of the people at least pay something toward bill for the entire population of ~304,000000 people. And we want them to pay more.
But really, its worse than that because 80% of taxes are paid by just 18,094,688 people who make 100K or more per year. That is less than 8% of the adult population or less than 6% of the entire population is already paying 80% of the entire tax burden!!
How can anyone not think it is absolutely folly to think that this group of people can and should pay more taxes? The tax code is truly unfair. This group of people 5.9% of the population is paying the full 80% burden for everyone else. What happens if even half of those people decide to just quit working and stop paying tax because the burden is too high?
How much more should those people pay? It grossly unfair.
The problem with the deficit is not that the rich are not taxed enough, its quite simply too much spending. But beyond that, the width of the tax base is too small. The burden can't continue to fall on this small group of people.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Well I was wrong

One of my assumptions, was the candidates or elected officials are actually informed. Well that is clearly not true. Unamed Republican official just totally misspoke about the Ryan Medicare plan. Clearly people are not being told the truth that the Ryan plan doesn't change anything for people 55 and older. Its only a change to secure its future for people not on Medicare yet. So if its your job to stay informed about the government and you can't do it for something this simple, how can the average person do it, that actually has a job?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Why I love Sarah Palin

I can't help it, I've really started to love Sarah Palin. I never thought I would, I even have to look back at my old blog and realize how wrong I was about her. I was wrong. I said her career as a politician was over, and when she quit her job and started doing reality tv I thought that was the fruition of my prophecy. But I was wrong.
So what changed? Oh its not the normal stuff, like she's pretty, or I just love the tea party. None of that. Its not for any of views either. Its pure and simple. No single person, not even Rush Limbaugh has the ability to make the Left so angry. I mean downright violent, which isn't that difficult, since they are the party of violence and hate. But this is on a whole new level. You don't even have to start to argue an issue with them, all you have to do to enrage someone on the Left these days is say her name. She puts to shame in this category and that's hard to do.
I mean the country is in the decline already. There isn't much any politician is going to do to fix either. I doubt they even want to, that's the private sectors job anyway, they know it even if they don't say it. So why not have four years of extreme comedy? Also several Liberal have said they would 'leave the country' if she is elected. Is that a promise? That earns my vote right there. The more that leave the better. Start packing, because if she wins the nomination she will destroy Obama. He is so weak right now, that any Republican out polls him right now and some people actually like her...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Romney gets worse every day

It doesn't surprise me that Romney supports ethanol subsidies, since he also supports socialized medicine destroying his state. What conservative values is Romney running on? In his announcement he said he would balance the budget, but you can't do that and offer national healthcare, even if you take all the rich people's money and stop 100% of defense spending. But lets keep ethanol subsidies. When we run out of money will he choose between a person's health and producing more corn?

idoits - Government spending doesn't spur the economy.

So people are acting surprised, that the stimulus didn't work. How could that be? Some smart people said it would. No! They were only smart because they fooled you!
Some people are good at their job and some people are not. The economists that said the spend would work, are not good at their job. The people that believed them are bad at history, because all this has happened before. So we all should know, that stimulus NEVER works and it won't work in the future. So when you hear idiots ask for another one, tune them out. They are just blabbering hot air.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blogging just meaningless sort of like arguing with liberals

While arguing with liberals never goes anywhere, blogging is almost less than arguing with them, because mostly likely they are not reading my blog. They are off reading some liberal blog. While I don't have too much love for republican politician either, most of my views lean conservative. In that case, I would really tell anyone something they probably don't already know if they listen to any of the other conservative media outlets. So the only time, I might say something new for them is when I disagree with one of the popular media outlets.
That said the other down side, is that solutions to all of these problems are just so simple, my 10 year old can solve them. But politicians aren't really interested in solving the problem. They are interested in power and so they will do whatever helps them acquire such power. To that end logic is used, but to the American people the goals are totally different. In that case the public voice is only useful in mass, not a lone blog, when it looks to revoke power from a politician. That makes political blogging somewhat irrelevant, because the population that is informed is so small as to be insignificant. Inform the uninformed is nearly impossible, because they are trying to find the information.
So for now.. maybe no more blogs..

Friday, May 20, 2011

More lies about Daniels in Liberal smear campaigns

Daniels must be scaring people, because the smear campaigns are out. Here is the huff post had to say:
MITCH DANIELS IS YOUR NEWEST GOP CANDIDATE WHO PREVIOUSLY LIKED HCR - With the vultures of smoke picking at the Tweet-riddled carcass of Newt Gingrich's cocktail party -- or whatever it was Rick Tyler said -- liberal sights are now set on Mitch Daniels, the next (would-be) candidate whose record contains a number of policy statements that could prove embarrassing. Sam Stein cites a 2003 article in the South Bend Tribune that summarizes then-candidate Daniels' views on health care reform: "The candidate said he favors a universal health care system that would move away from employee-based health policies and make it mandatory for all Americans to have health insurance. Daniels envisioned one scenario in which residents could certify their coverage when paying income taxes and receive a tax exemption that would cover the cost. 'We really have to have universal coverage,' Daniels said." Daniels today told radio host Michael Smerconish today that he is against a mandate. "I don't believe in mandates," he said. "There's nothing wrong with trying to protect more people from being ruined by an adverse health effect."

First, Daniels did not say anything about a mandate. The original story paraphrases a discussion with Daniels. The Huffpost, basically just turns it into an all out lie. Mitch would have given people an option to deduct deductibles from the income tax as well as let people make the choice about what healthcare plan was best for them. A tax deduction for choosing care is totally different than a mandate and government run program doomed failure.

This is a key reason why I'll never be a 'great' blogger. This type of out right bending of the truth to literally create news where it didn't exist before, isn't something I can do. I can make up a total story out of nothing. Which is what these people do. And lets look at this again, how could a story where Mitch isn't quoted even be embarrassing for him today, when the people who would read the article would be in favor of a federal healtcare plan of some kind anyway. So they try to make him out to be a flip flopper on healthcare, by saying his views have changed over a 10 time period! Really that's embarrassing? Note to public, over a 10 year period, people's view might change. Also don't listen to summarized snippets by journalists trying to create stories out of nothing to promote their already bad careers.