Monday, August 9, 2010

Guess I was right and I still blame Bush

Obama would never be President is Bush could have tried just a little to not piss everyone off all the time. That said, he couldn't help himself and now we have Obama. At this point Obama is a complete failure as many people knew he would be and some are just figuring out. The excuses for him are all over the map but the one the always makes me laugh is when they say he just didn't know what he was getting into before he was elected and he has good intentions. Well these good intentions are still hurting a lot of people. I don't really blog about it, because there isn't much new to stay. Everyone pretty much agrees that Obama has failed. There are so many issues with what they are doing wrong, they can't be covered, and only one really matters - 'It's the economy stupid'. Does that sound familiar?
Well they said they would 'fix it' and recover from the Bush economy. If this continues we will be longing for the Bush years again, and many people are. This is a direct result of Democrat policies put in place under Nancy Pelosi and her leadership. You can more specific stats and data all over the web, but I'm only going to talk at a high level.
Obama said if they passed the Recovery Bill the country would get close the unemployment under Bush. They are going to spend this money and its not going to be as good as the Bush years. There target was about 7-8% if we spend the money. If we don't it will be like 9%. Well its 10% after they spend the money. There next plan is to continue to blame Bush, and that can work for a little while, but really its just too late now. The country went along with your scheme and it failed like so many people said it would. Why didn't it work?
Lots of reasons, but the biggest, which should be taught in any basic economics class is that every dollar the government taxes and spends only returns ~80% to the economy. Any review of the Great Depression and those policies would show this with data. Government spending will never spend you out of a recession. And with 80/20 rule you would expect it to make it worse. So here we are worst then they planned and they act surprised. These people make Bush look smart. He has to be sitting somewhere just laughing, and happy to be out of this mess - not have to deal with idiots in congress running this country into the ground. The congress actually suggested in their message that for every dollar the government spends they would actually create more than 1$ boost to the economy. That is down right stupid, and has never ever been true in any economy at any time in history!!! Never believe any politician who makes this statement, as a matter fact, any politician, that even tries to propose this or defend it any way, should be immediately dismissed from your mind as a candidate to be voted for.
So yes.. I blame Bush for Obama, because people hated him so much that would elect one of the most unqualified and incompetent people to office that has been elected since Carter. Heck even Carter has to be so excited, because Obama will take his place as the worst President in a century. As we go into next election season lets not get caught up in the idea that 'it can't get worse'. That is a myth. IT CAN GET WORSE and it HAS GOTTEN WORSE. Try not be fooled again.