Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Why I love Sarah Palin

I can't help it, I've really started to love Sarah Palin. I never thought I would, I even have to look back at my old blog and realize how wrong I was about her. I was wrong. I said her career as a politician was over, and when she quit her job and started doing reality tv I thought that was the fruition of my prophecy. But I was wrong.
So what changed? Oh its not the normal stuff, like she's pretty, or I just love the tea party. None of that. Its not for any of views either. Its pure and simple. No single person, not even Rush Limbaugh has the ability to make the Left so angry. I mean downright violent, which isn't that difficult, since they are the party of violence and hate. But this is on a whole new level. You don't even have to start to argue an issue with them, all you have to do to enrage someone on the Left these days is say her name. She puts to shame in this category and that's hard to do.
I mean the country is in the decline already. There isn't much any politician is going to do to fix either. I doubt they even want to, that's the private sectors job anyway, they know it even if they don't say it. So why not have four years of extreme comedy? Also several Liberal have said they would 'leave the country' if she is elected. Is that a promise? That earns my vote right there. The more that leave the better. Start packing, because if she wins the nomination she will destroy Obama. He is so weak right now, that any Republican out polls him right now and some people actually like her...

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