Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blogging just meaningless sort of like arguing with liberals

While arguing with liberals never goes anywhere, blogging is almost less than arguing with them, because mostly likely they are not reading my blog. They are off reading some liberal blog. While I don't have too much love for republican politician either, most of my views lean conservative. In that case, I would really tell anyone something they probably don't already know if they listen to any of the other conservative media outlets. So the only time, I might say something new for them is when I disagree with one of the popular media outlets.
That said the other down side, is that solutions to all of these problems are just so simple, my 10 year old can solve them. But politicians aren't really interested in solving the problem. They are interested in power and so they will do whatever helps them acquire such power. To that end logic is used, but to the American people the goals are totally different. In that case the public voice is only useful in mass, not a lone blog, when it looks to revoke power from a politician. That makes political blogging somewhat irrelevant, because the population that is informed is so small as to be insignificant. Inform the uninformed is nearly impossible, because they are trying to find the information.
So for now.. maybe no more blogs..

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