Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mitch Daniels is awesome

I don't care what Rush says or doesn't say, Mitch Daniels is an awesome leader. Yeah he's not flashy, he's just good at what he does. Other candidates, really just don't have the resume. Is not time for someone who has a great resume of experience doing positive work instead of empty suits talking out both sides of their mouth.
Some other candidates:
1. Newt - I do like Newt. I've always liked Newt. I forgive his baggage because he's a solid conservative. Recently, he has upset me, mistakes maybe, but I don't think he gets the nomination.
2. Palin - Great speaker, but I can't stand her as a candidate. At the most basic level, she doesn't have the experience in local government I want to see in a President. Still better than Obama.
3. Romney - Still better than Obama, but these two probably agree more than I would like them too. Romney at least gets business. I don't hold healthcare in MA against him. That's what his state wants, good for them, but don't bring that national. If he would say its a state's responsibility, I'd feel better about him.

Others.. who?? They still need to get some momentum, nationally. These are the people most likely to win the ticket...

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