Friday, May 13, 2011

Cutting government waste is a mythical concept

The idea that the US can cut waste as any solution to it's spending problem is a complete falsehood. It's just totally and flat out a lie that they tell you because it sounds like it would make sense. I mean there must be waste right? Arguments over the few billion in waste is still stupid. What they need to do is simply cut a trillion across the board with no arguments about programs. Since they can't agree on what to cut then we should just cut everything. Better yet, until congress can fix the problem, don't pay them. Maybe that would be an incentive to get this right. And if you've gone totally insane over the idea of just cutting EVERY line item to get the trillion, how about we just go back to a Clinton budget? Would you go for that? Things were great after all in those years right? So let's do that again. Certainly that fits in most liberal ideas. But now, Obama needs to create deficits more in a year than Bush did in his entire presidency, to achieve an unemployment rate that is double that of the Bush years. Cut the budget, don't wait, do it today.

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