Monday, May 16, 2011

Shut the federal government down

Don't raise the debt ceiling. Send everyone home and stop paying law makers first until they can resolve the budget. Shut the federal government down, which really means all non-essential services. Don't wait, do it today. Isn't that what investors would do to a bankrupt business? They would send home everyone, except non-essential services and people. They would work to collect whatever revenue they could and cover minimal costs until they could figure out what they could do to keep the business alive or shut it down completely. Why does the government just get a pass on that? If they did their job, we wouldn't have this problem. But they didn't do their job. They messed up their job and now they want the American people to the pay the price once again. Just say No.

Quickly, in 15 seconds, except for the military, if everyone else in the government went home, how would your day change. Mine wouldn't. It would get better. There is absolutely nothing I would do different if they didn't go to work. Local government, is totally different, but really the federal government.

What would you miss?

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