Friday, May 20, 2011

Netanyahu takes Obama to school

This was almost embarrassing to me as an American and must have been embarrassing to the President unless he is so clueless that he can't understand when he is being insulted politely. When Netanyahu told the President, that "everyone" knows that Israel can't go back to the 1967 Boundaries, it was just as plain a slap in the face as a politician can give. And Netanyahu is right. Everyone does know it, except for Obama it appears. I doubt even Palin would have made so tragic a mistake, and Liberals use her has the benchmark of stupidity on foreign policy. So what does it say that Obama's insights into the world.
Netanyahu had some great remarks in this speech, I'm still looking for a transcript instead of doing this from memory. If you find it please add a comment with a link, I assume it will be on at some point, unless its just too embarassing. He told Obama basically that Obama sided with the terrorists in his proposal. Israel's Al Qaeda is what is called Hamas and said he won't negotiate with terrorists. He then added that Hamas, just attacked you Mr President.
I liked what Leiberman had to say about the O's speech:
"Unfortunately, President Obama's important and constructive speech embracing and supporting the peaceful, democratic revolutions in the Arab world was also undermined by an unhelpful and surprising set of remarks about Israel and the Palestinians that will not advance the peace process and in fact is likely to set it back. ..."

Leiberman gets it here. That's what happens when you have some actual experience working in the world. How could O mess this up so badly, and if not him, doesn't he have some staff?

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