Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kids not allowed to bring salt to school??

Now this is just silly. Salt has been banned from school because the federal government got involved in another waste of tax payer dollars. Or maybe they thought removing salt from schools would actually save money? That is the savings liberals have been looking for. That could be at least .01$ per child per year of savings.
It doesn't stop there either. Kids can't even bring salt to school, to salt their own food. Are you kidding me. Are we going to start inspecting lunches for salt upon entry to school now? Certainly that will cost more than what we saved on the salt. Really, I'm sure I'm thinking about this all wrong. Its not about the money. Its about federal control in every part of your life and now they can tell you want to eat in public. That is just an insane amount of control in any free person's life.

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