Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Why do I work?

The better question, is why should I work? Why should I pay my mortgage?
I started a small business. I took great risks. I made no money for a while. No one wanted to help me out. Banks wouldn't give me a loan. Bill collectors wouldn't give me good terms. I worked 12 hour days and weekends without pay.
I deserve to recoup my investment in time, money and risk. My reward for just getting in to the black, the government is now going to confiscate my property, take what little wealth I worked so hard to accumulate and give it to someone who didn't do anything for it.
We are teaching an entire generation that its easier to vote to have the government take people's property than it is to work for it.
Now we see people stealing the election. Stealing the election so they steal hard working people's wealth. Its all over the news what they are doing in the Philly to take PA. All this in the name of killing America. People are doing all this, so their kids don't have to finish school and they can live as good as the middle class.
What's being lost is that no matter of the middle class will be able to improve their style of living, no matter how hard they work.
Now, November 4th, 2008 could be remembered as the day America capitalism died and socialism became the law of the land. The success of individuals was crushed and left only to those born of wealth. The reasons to work hard and study in school were erased. Hope for entire generation to achieve new success was eradicated from possibility. Enter the new era of government dependency.
I always thought it was odd that so many rich people would align themselves with so many poor people. If they wanted they could always start an out reach organization to help those people, but they don't. They could pay more in taxes any year they wanted, but they don't. The could donate more to churches, but they don't. Instead what they do, is mislead the poor in dependency, so they can ensure new wealth can not enter their class. This is not about 250K/year. That is not wealth, its income. They are protecting their wealth and from anyone to achieving it, and the price was about the cost of flat screen television. That is what it cost to kill the American dream.

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