Thursday, November 6, 2008

The press vetting Obama after the election on if he will move to the center

Its a like press just woke up the morning after and is wondering, what did we just do? On CNN they were debating if Obama would rule from the Middle or the Left. But the didn't know!!! A little late to have that discussion. You followed him around for 2 years and you don't know!
Tom Brokaw said: "There's a lot about him (Obama) we don't know." Chris Matthews finally came clean and said Obama's tax plan was welfare. No really Chris. I bet nobody said that before you moron.
These people couldn't figure out who this guy was in the last 2 years, because they were to busy campaigning for change. Now they want to find out and start acting like a news organization. Its a little late for that.
The old Chuclkebee, my nickname for the happy go lucky Huckabee, said he learned from Clinton and he's going to go Center. Idiots!
There's no one even reading this blog, same idiots. I'm handing out the truth to you, telling you in advance and you don't pay attention and then you acted surprised. "Oh my, how could we have known that?"
Look Huckabee is wrong, for several reasons. He's using normal main stream logic. That's not at play here. First Obama is arrogant. He would have to be, to have no relevant experience and run for President. He doesn't like Clinton, and I don't think he's taking from their playbook. He ran on the some of the same issues that did in Clinton, free healthcare for everyone. People don't want socialized medicine in America. Clinton tried it and failed and Obama ran on it again. He's not going to not try it and people won't like again. In also won in his mind by a landslide. I call 5 points marginal, 10 points would be different. He considers it validation of his vision that got him elected, the greatness of his ideas. He doesn't realized that he won because people hate Bush. They would have voted for Lenin, maybe even Hitler in this election season. They don't even know is vision. As we just discussed, the reporters following him for 2 years just figured out they don't know him. Then like Bush, he will move forward with his leftist agenda, much like Bush pushed is Right agenda. Which is not what people want. They want moderation. They were happiest with Clinton in the middle. The analogy and lessons learned for Obama are better to be watched by Bush's mistakes. Stay in the center and don't over spend, maybe veto a budget or two. He's not going to do that. I'm sorry Huckabee, but your analysis is wishful thinking and wrong.
Obama is going to govern from the Left. He has the congress behind and the "will of the American people". He just picked Rahm Emanuel of Illinois, to be his own chief of staff. There is nothing middle of the road about this guy. That's first and biggest indicator of how left they are going. Yes, I know he was an adviser to Clinton, but that's different than being the chief of staff.
Based on his voting record, we know is the most liberal senator. He would have to change his entire world view, just to get to the middle. You can't see the middle from where he standing. That includes votes to restrict medical care to surviving aborted fetuses, higher taxes for those making as little as 42K/year, and calling hunting a rifle an assault weapon.
We know what he said. Socialize health care, Socialize wages and "spread the wealth", diminish the military and our role as a world leader, nationalize banks and other industries, and drive up the price of energy to promote going green.
How do we get to the middle from there? And why are reporters in the main stream media just waking up to ask these questions now. Go back to sleep, if we wanted news we already be watching a different station.

Looks like Rush agrees with me today that Obama will work from the far left before he starts to do anything from a moderate point of view.
Rush also started to talk about how reporters covered the election and started just asking questions now about what he will do.
Maybe Rush is a reader.

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