Thursday, November 6, 2008

Indiana wasn't won it was stolen

I expect a full investigation of Indiana voter fraud. I want to get this out quickly, so its there. The state turned on 20K votes. That's a number of people that were over registered in certain counties and the absentee ballots that went 10 to 1 democratic. Its a sad state for the country when fraud can exist at these levels. A 100K voters were found to have voted in GA and FL. My suspicion is that a similar level of people did the same in IL and IN. More to come.

Making the case:
My personal experience was my wife and my registration as Republican's was 'lost'. Since we had moved in the state, we could still go to our old polling location, but clearly even that was confusing, since the polling locations were changed.

105% of the eligible voters were registered in Marion county.

The absentee ballots put them over the top in record numbers going for Obama 10 to 1 is what I am hearing.

Provisional ballots are still be investigated.

Lake county if finally under investigation, where thousands of IL voters voted in IN.

Felons were registered and voted Absentee ballot.

At least one dead person voted, but more are suspected.

All in state that elected a Republican Governor and hasn't gone for a Democrat since the 60's. It was 20,000 votes where 30,000 false registration alone were documented in one county.

This story has been completely ignored this year by the media. We know have our past three elections in question by I would be almost all of the American population. If you want unity, lets unify around revisions to the voter laws, so living people get one vote only.

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