Wednesday, October 1, 2008

McCain strategy needs help : Updated

McCain is loosing quickly in the polls. Palin bump is dropping off. The press is hurting him - what's new. This election will be all about voter turn out. We have to assume that is being covered by the campaign. There are things McCain can do now.
1. Assign blame for the Freddie and Fannie bail out. People are mad about it and they need to know that Dodd was being bribed to cover this stuff up. They need to know McCain tried to stop it and was shut down. Right now Bush and so McCain too, are taking the blame for the issue. McCain need to get these facts out there. I know I have a post about this every day. So the message is the Democrats caused the problem.
2. The second part is McCain can fix the problem. A key to fixing the problem is Energy Independence. Drill here, Drill now. The second largest issue for the people. It can be tied to security and foreign policy, but its clearly domestic economic policy. Its a policy that will reduce gas prices, create jobs and stopping the transfer of well to those who hate us.
3. Shut-up about stuff people don't care about. Earmarks and CEO pay just aren't on the list of things people thing will them nor do they care. Even taxes are a marginal issue, that I've already said I don't think he can win.

If he doesn't win the economy battle. He looses the election. He is on the right side of these issues, but is failing to get the message out. Right now, he's taking the blame for the poor economy, for the mortgage failure and even the bailout not passing. Right now early voting is getting started in Ohio. There is now time to wait, its the time to blast the Democrats and Barack on these issues right now.

Moron V Seder is on Air America today talking about how the Republicans are to blame for Freddie & Fannie (F&F) issues. Mixing baking tips and with blaming McCain. They are naming names, why isn't McCain? Keep in mind these are people who refer to Tony Snow as "Cancer Boy". Isn't it time to stop playing nice.

Need more evidence the Democrats are naming names. This ad is running on Google!

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