Monday, October 27, 2008

Mellencamp is an idiot

I just deleted my Mellencamp music from my iPhone. Oh that really hurts him, not like I can get a refund, but I won't be buying anymore. The reason, a stupid ad that he is doing for Obama in Indiana. He is entitled to his opinion. The ad was just bad, it was the talking point straight from Obama and he was just repeating them.
So why don't I think Obama is stupid, after all they are his thoughts. Because Obama is brilliant, he has duped 50% of America into thinking he's not a socialist that change this country in a bad way. That takes some smarts and we need to respect an opponent like that.
Mellencamp on the other hand was just totally duped into be a talking head for Obama's liberal ideas. Oddly, ideas that will make the country worse for his children, but hey they don't really impact John who is basically isolated from the damage Obama will do. For example, John is looking to employee teams of people to produce any good or services, he doesn't need to shop for health care plan the way we do, he probably doesn't even notice that gas prices have changed considerably. When you are selling houses or have to worry about being up-side down in your mortgage that probably doesn't matter either.
John's ad talked about how Bush sent jobs off shore and that McCain just wants to reduce takes for the Rich and corporation - in the same breath which is amazing. So lets review these quickly - Comment if you need some help with these.
Jobs go off-shore because its cheaper to do the work some where else, but you still have to sell the good in the US. Ironic isn't it. With the second highest corporate tax rate in the world its hard to compete in a global economy when the government puts that burden on you. But its not just the profit taxes at the end of the year, its all of the other stuff that ads costs to actually employing an American worker. So the American worker can't just be the best in the world. Lets for the moment assume they are the best in the world. That's no longer the criteria, they have to be enough better to cover the wage difference plus the extra government goodies. Napkin math used here - they need to be twice as a good as the closest competitor. John doesn't know anything about this, because he doesn't run a factory, he's an entertainer. He's not a politician, he's an entertainer.
The reason McCain wants to lower the corporate taxes, is so that business can stay in America and higher American workers. Yes, profits are why people higher other people to do work. They maximize profits or they go out of business to someone who does. For example, if John stops selling records, the labels will sign people who do. If your John, you can just publish your own record, so this doesn't impact him as much does it. But not everyone owns their own recording studio.
We should touch quickly on who really pays taxes. Companies do not pay taxes. It seems like they do, but they don't. They must pass these costs on to consumers. Again, the MUST pass these costs on to consumers. If they don't they don't make money and go out of business. That's the thing about competition in a global economy. The competition is fierce. When companies pass on these costs, if they are higher in the US, that makes us less competitive and companies need to find ways to cut costs and one way is to send jobs off-shore.
The problem isn't the companies, its the government. Maybe we can all agree on that. Where this message is totally wrong is that they think they can raise taxes on companies and not raise the tax on people. Well, it just feels better this way, but as prices rise, anyone spending money will just feel the pressure at that time. At the same time, Obama's policy statements are guaranteed to push more jobs off-shore and reduce investment in American companies. Without investment in American companies, the American economy weakens.
So now we basically have Obama buying people's votes, with their own money and putting themselves out of jobs and the people are happy about it. That's why I say Obama is brilliant and John is the idiot for helping him do it.

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