Monday, October 13, 2008

States Rights

What ever happened to State's rights? We have created a nation of conflict primarily because activist groups wish to push their agenda on every one else in the country. The idea that we all have to be the same is disgusting. Of course we need to be some sort of melting pot, that is our tradition, but its also important to let be live free enough to enjoy the pursuit of happiness. Many people came to this country in the pursuit of religious freedoms. I would argue that liberalism is the new religion that we need to free ourselves from. The idea that that God has no place in the world and poverty is a 36 inch television and a used car. On the flip side the Religious right has gone a little crazy in the past over issues like same sex marriage.

My point is not to say these issues aren't important to people. My point is to say they have no place in the federal government. I'm going to include Education in this bucket as well. What does the federal government know about education? Obviously nothing, if past performance is any indication of future outcomes.
States should have the right to create policies for their states that are a the heart of the people who live there. They should be allowed to differentiate themselves as much as they believe is in the best interest of their people. Instead today judicial activism lets court rulings in one state override the wants of the people in other states. In process our rights to live free lives are being taken away from us faster than ever before.

Moving these issues to the States means less Federal time wasted and less dollars wasted on programs that sound nice but don't deliver. How can the federal government doing any good educating people in TX, or expect to it better than the state of TX. That's just dumb. What we have really been talking about is handouts to each state, to help get people re-elected. More buying votes from the federal government. That is truly what they spend most of their time doing and we need to reduce that immediately.

So what types of things should we stop arguing about a federal level:
- Abortion
- Death penalty
- Same Sex Marriage
- Education
- Drilling for oil
- Federal speed limits
- Federal income tax - Get rid of it, like in my earlier post!
- There are many more

These things just aren't in the constitution. The federal government should be providing for our common defense and I think it would be hard to argue they do that well after 9/11 and the porous borders we can't lock up.

The point is that we should let local governments and states decided these issues where they can meet the needs of the people. There can be a lot of complexity to the issues, but the more we make it local the better the decision will be.

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