Thursday, October 16, 2008

More debate - Lesser of two evils - Voter turnout is the key

I've had more time to think about this debate. I had originally thought the key was that McCain didn't win, and that was bad for McCain. It would have helped McCain for sure if Obama blew it, but that didn't happen. My summary criticism was that McCain just didn't close the deal on a lot of issues where he left Obama's message as acceptable. Upon further reflection, I don't really think anyone was going to change mind based on this and that's not what McCain really needed. What he needed was to get out the base vote. He needs me to go off my butt and go vote for a guy that I don't like (McCain). I think McCain got it right when he said he's not Bush. No love lost their, but I still don't consider McCain a conservative. I particularly tried to reflect on the conversation about judge appointments. Certainly I didn't think McCain's statements were strong enough, but Obama's were just down right scary and that was pretty motivating. This is going to be about voter turnout and people to get out and vote before they get more of the big government takeover. Sadly, Bush II has made the most Liberal Senator look fiscally conservative! I can't wait until he's gone and we get actually get the party back to the basics. We certainly are not going to get smaller government under Senator Government. Probably won't under McCain either, but I don't think it will be as big and our choice is one the lesser of two evils.

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