Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Terrorists take my advice

Here's a note to the Terrorists.

I know you are on the internet because I've seen your posts. So pass this along. Next time your pissed off at America, wack a politician. Americans won't miss them. At most you could only upset 48% of the people. Really think about it. America is so polarized and filled with hate speech for politicians that most would think it was justice not a crime.
How many people do you know that could answer this question - Has the Pentagon finished reconstruction from 9/11. I asked 5 people that quickly. One said, oh yeah they hit the Pentagon! College educated people. They don't care about the politicians, they don't agree with them most of the time. You hate America for its policies that Politicians create. So put your energy where it belongs.

Here's the thing. You knock down a building with Americans in it and they don't get scared. They might for a little while, but really the get made. So you knock down the building and we knock down a country or two. People are ticked off here and if you give them someone to hate more than politicians you're going to bite the bullet. You might think they are weak and don't have the will to fight and no doubt the lefties are wimps. But the 38% of conservatives will still pick up a gun or press the button on a missile to wipe your landscape from the map. Why cause all that trouble?

Ok for those of you reading at home, really do you remember that the Pentagon actually was attacked on 9/11. The presidential candidates were in NY again. Standing on empty ground. The memorial at the Pentagon site is already built. Hardly any mention of it. So does anyway really think Americans would care enough to go to war if it were politicians that were killed on 9/11?

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