Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I wanted to call this blog BushWacked but like everything on the internet, its already taken. As first post here it still sets the tone.

I am a conservative, registered independent, likely to vote libertarian. Why would I waste my vote you ask? Because I can't bring my self to vote for Obama, but it might be best if he wins. I'm counting on him doing for the Republican party what Clinton did and Bush couldn't. If he is as bad as I fully expect he will be, Republicans will rally and take back the House and Senate just like they did with Clinton. Obama will prove to much worse than Clinton. Sure he might not pick up the girls at the office like Clinton, but certainly is left winged agenda will get him in so much trouble, the economy is sure is to tank with his economic policy that Americans will be in full force come mid-term elections. That's what we want really.

It ensures checks and balances while still getting work done. The economy is proven to better in this scenario and that's what we need. We have a democratic congress for a while now, and they have done absolutely nothing, expect make the Bush problems worse. The President always gets the blame, so lets blame a democrat. Then have a conservative congress that actually try to spend OUR money wisely.

You'd like to think that Republicans in control of the House, Senate, and Presidency would leave to massive cuts in government spending. Unfortunately I think Bush went on another drinking binge while the cameras weren't watch and he let them spend as much money as they wanted on anything wanted with no vetoes for years!! His total irresponsibility to take any leadership for fiscal policy has doomed us to economic crisis and the likes of Obama. There has been a lot of talk of Reagan, these days. What would Reagan have done? He wouldn't spent money for guns and butter. He manned up and made the hard decisions that Bush never could. He knew the only way to fix the Carter economy was to induce a recession, take it on the chin and promote policies of growth and recovery. Bush on the other hand has been afraid of the economy his entire presidency. I wonder if he still hear "Its the economy stupid" over and over in his head. He has done everything he could think of to buy a positive economy, but for what? He spent the wealth of a generation on propping up an economy that is in a natural downward cycle. You can't avoid the cycle but that's a different blog. And so in the end, Bush had some good years of economic growth, but its a failure, the DOW is right back where it started when he took office and Bush is a total failure who destroyed the GOP.

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